Why use us to consign your gear?

Because we will try harder to sell your instruments than any other retail guitar store around. We use our showroom, website, online auction sites, our Youtube channel, social media and a vast client base to get your gear sold and for what you want to sell it for. On an average we ship 50 guitars a month worldwide. Our proven packing technique will insure that your insturment arrives safely to its destination. You can also rest assured that our insurance policy provides coverage for any damage that may happen during transit. We take full responsibility.


We clean and test each instrument before it leaves our store so they're are no surprises to our buyers. Our eBay seller rating speaks for itself, 100% positive feedback. With every item, we take hi-resolution pictures of your instrument(s) in our quality controlled photo room. If your instrument is a rare or high-end instrument we will include for free, a professional video that features your guitar in all of our listings and social media. Click here to see an example. 


What is our fee?

We have two consignment options for you, in-store or online consignment.

The online consignment option automatically features your item in our showroom. 

If you'd like to consign your gear only in our store, our flat fee is 15%.

Our online fee is a flat 25% fee.

Read below to find out what selling online is all about. This fee pays for all eBay, Paypal and shipping costs. NO HIDDEN COSTS

We do recommend the online option if you'd like for your instrument to sell quickly. 75% of our sales are online.


How does it work?

It's simple!

You decide your asking price and bottom line price. We in-turn will help you determine the true market value based upon several resources (Blue Book of Guitar Values, Vintage Guitar Price Guide and current eBay listings).

We guarantee that we will not sell your instrument below your bottom dollar price. If a reasonable offer comes in, we will contact you immediately and let you decide whether or not you'd like to take the offer or not.

We do require that you leave the instrument with us for 60 days even though we feel confident that we'll sell it well before then. 

Contact us! 1-888-407-1019