M Britt Kemper Amp Profiles

Michael Britt is the guitarist of the multi-pltinum country music group Lonestar and has spent the last 22 years recording and playing live shows. In his never-ending search for guitar tone, he has found the Kemper KPA and Michael has spent the last 2 years working on these profiles, testing them night after night onstage and in the studio. Michael decided it was time to share them with Kemper owners everywhere and started www.mbrittprofiles.com

Michael has teamed up with Music City Pickers to offer new Kemper owners his Kemper Profile Pack I to get started in the Kemper world.

Once you purchase your amplifier Music City Pickers will send you the information you'll need to download all of these free profiles!

The M Britt Kemper Profile Pack I contains profiles of the following amps:

'72 Marshall JMP, '67 Fender Deluxe Reverb, Divided By 13 FTR37, ERT33, and LDW39, Bletchley Belchfire 45, 3rd Power Dream Weaver, Naylor SC60, Headstrong Lil King (Princeton Reverb), Trainwreck Express, Xits X50S, and more!


These profiles have been used on tour and in the studio by professionals across the country and around the world. This profile pack contains a variety of sounds, whether you're looking for a great clean tone for pedalboard-based applications or a wied array of gain settings to cover justa about any style, with plenty of room for tweaking to your personal taste.

"I use the Kemper in lots of studio situations. The M Britt Profiles are easily the best sounding, most dynamic ones that I've played through... or ever heard for that matter. Michael has definitely figured out the art of profiling these great amps in the most realistic way possible"

-Derek Well, Nashville session guitarist