EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb Pedal (SKU 4359)

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Otherworldly Reverberation Machine

Go far beyond traditional reverb effects with the EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath reverb pedal. It generates a swarm of short delays to create washes of ambience. Minimal settings allow you to create room and hall reverb effects, while more extreme settings border on self oscillation, without actually drowning out your dry signal. Speaking of which, the Afterneath pedal uses digital processing for the reverb while leaving your dry signal path completely analog. If you're the type of guitarist who wants otherworldly tones from your reverb, you'll definitely want to check out the EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath reverb pedal.


Unique controls for unique reverb effects

Plug your guitar in to the EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath pedal, and you're ready to conjure everything from short room-like reverbs to endless swarms of ambience. The Length, Diffuse, and Dampen controls will be familiar to most tone tweakers, allowing you to adjust the decay time, delay spread, and tonal balance, respectively. The Drag control is similar to the delay time control on a delay pedal, allowing you to speed up or slow down the time between the individual delays that make up the reverb effect. And the Reflect control affects the regeneration of the effect signal, feeding the output back through the effect to create deeper, more dimensional sounds. Sweetwater guitarists can confirm that if you spend some time with the Afterneath pedal, you're sure to find dozens of creative applications.

EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb Pedal Features:

  • Reverb pedal for electric guitar with true-bypass switching
  • Uses swarms of short delays to create washes of ambience
  • Can reach self oscillation at extreme settings for endless reverb effects
  • Maintains the clarity of your dry signal, even at extreme settings
  • All-analog dry signal path for tonal integrity