JHS Emperor Analog Chorus/ Vibrato Pedal (SKU 4543)

$ 249.00

Brand: JHS

Product Description

Brand New!

The JHS Emperor takes the best parts from several classic chorus/vibrato units and rolls them into one. From units like the legendary Boss VB-1 and Arion SCH-1 to sought after classics like the Boss CE-2. The Emperor plays like a Mount Rushmore of chorus effects.

Two toggles adorn the front of the unit—one to select either Chorus or Vibrato, and another to select the waveform of the LFO. The waveforms range from a subtle sine wave for even-keeled modulation to a sharper triangle wave, and up to the on-off action of square wave modulation. Just between us, square wave chorus is quite a sound; it’s sure to pique the curiosity of chorus-heads.

Also of note: the Emperor has a tap tempo footswitch; when’s the last time you saw tap tempo on a chorus? None of us ever have. You’d be surprised how much this can add to a passage, the ability to precisely tap in a chorus line, instead of an ambiguous wash of double-tracking.

A Tone knob shapes the EQ of the effected signal, and a tap tempo footswitch is available for dialing in precise positions of the Speed knob. Featuring an all-analog chipset, the JHS Emperor will satisfy any chorus-seeker across all genres.


The JHS Emperor is hand-built, one at a time in Missouri. It has a switch internally for buffered or true bypass, and runs on a standard 9v center-negative Boss-style power supply. The current draw is 100mA, so check the manual of your power device to ensure it is capable of providing 100mA.