Michael Arnopol Sound Works- MAS-112 Bass Loudspeaker (SKU 6145K)

$ 699.99

Product Description

The MAS 112 is my take on an all-out electric bass cabinet. It's a more high fidelity cabinet than even the "boutique" bass cabinets.

It features a custom 12" Neo driver specifically designed for this specific cabinet. It competes with any 212 cab out there, 

but with much better extension, punch and low end control.

Optional corner wheels with top center handle, super tweeter (extends the range to 20khz) and either the 18Sound or Faital high-powered woofers.

Technical Specifications


One custom neo 12 and four very high quality 4' mid/tweeters. Very efficient at 100db---a 50 watt tube amp sounds glorious through it. 

4 ohms

600 watt RMS power handling.

Mid boost switch

32" tall, 15 1/2" wide and 18 1/2" deep. And a very svelte 44#.

900 cc's VD (air moved)