NEW Tyler Amp Works MCP14 Music City Pickers Limited Edition Combo Princeton w/ Footswitch (SKU 6235CK)

$ 1,649.99

Brand: Tyler

Product Description

Music City Pickers is beyond proud to announce the official dealership of Tyler Amps right from our home base of Franklin TN!

This amp is fresh from builder John's hands and sounds incredible! We were so proud to work with him to build this limited edition amp. You can only get this amp, color, features and footswitch for a limited time.  Comes with vintage old school logo. 

Based on a those early Fender Princeton tube amps. This model is also known as the PT14 or JT14. 

Take a look at all the hi-res photos so you know exactly what you're getting and feel free to ask any questions you may have! 


Class: A/B all Tube Amplifier 
Output: 15 Watts 
Fixed Biased w/ adjustable potentiometer 
Circuit: Princeton 
Tubes: 2 6V6, Sovtek 5Y3 Rectifier, 1 ECC83/12AX7, 1 12AY7 
optional copper cap rectifier
Speaker: 1 Emenence 
Resistors & Capacitors: Sprague, Orange Drop,TAD, Carbon Comp/Xicon Resistors