Wampler Pinnacle Distortion Limited (SKU 6028CJ)

$ 149.99

Brand: Wampler

Product Description

Capture Some "Brown Sound" Distortion in a Simple Stompbox

Whether you're looking for that awesome Eddie Van Halen "brown sound," or just looking to get some beefy bluesy distortion, the Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe distortion pedal offers troves of hefty tone to invigorate your signal. This upgraded Pinnacle pedal delivers tone, contour, volume, and gain dials, and a modern/vintage switch lets you toggle between two awesome distortion settings. A footswitchable boost control allows for hands-free gain augmentation, and handmade true-bypass circuitry keeps your signal completely unadulterated when your Pinnacle Deluxe distortion pedal is disengaged. This single pedal will provide loads of tone to enhance your performance.

That EVH-Style "Brown Sound"

While Eddie Van Halen's technique and tone might be inimitable, the right gear can help you get a taste of the legendary sound crafted by the guitar master himself. Your Pinnacle Deluxe distortion pedal comes remarkably close to replicating many facets of EVH's signature distortion by solidly emulating a British stack sound. This baby gives you dynamic EQ control from just your Tone and Contour knobs, so you can get a little bit of that sweet mid-boost along with some potent gain for your signal.

Loads of Control from Four Dials

The Pinnacle Deluxe distortion pedal features tone, contour, volume, and gain controls to craft your sound. The volume sets the output level, and the gain brings in the breakup. The other two dials simulate parametric EQ control -- the Tone knob rolls off your highs, while the Contour knob lets you scoop out your mids or dial in more midrange punch. The vintage/modern toggle switch acts as a bright switch when flipped in the modern position, which is a great feature for adding some sparkle to darker-sounding amps.

Hand-Built True Bypass System

Wampler pedals are hand-built with careful attention paid to the implementation of film capacitors and resistors. Brian Wampler is known for his accuracy in emulating signature tones, so your Pinnacle Deluxe will deliver on demand with every stomp. A true bypass system keeps your signal intact and unchanged when this baby is switched off.

Boost Control on its Own Footswitch

Another cool feature on this pedal is the gain boost switch on the bottom left. This switch gives you a little more gain to fuel your signal for those times where you really want your axe to soar. Having the gain boost as a separate stomp-switch gives you more hands-free control of your sound, so you can keep things going without interrupting your performance or recording session.


- Distortion/overdrive pedal
- Built to bring you an accurate emulation of the Eddie Van Halen "brown sound"
- Tone, contour, volume, and gain control dials
- Modern/vintage setting toggle switch
- Dynamic EQ control
- Bright easy-to-read LEDs
- One 1/4" input
- One 1/4" output
- Foot-switchable boost for added gain
- Handmade
- Choice film capacitors and resistors for pristine signal path
- True bypass circuitry
- Powered via 9 volt battery or external power supply -- sold separately
- Rugged outer chassis
- Powder coated durable finish